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2016-17 Glacier Player Registration is NOW OPEN! Follow the link below

    Where Are They Now

    There are numerous players who have moved on from our organization to different colleges both in and out of the area. We pride ourselves by opening these windows of opportunity through encouraging players to expand their horizons and  by providing them with a high level of coaching and training.
    Check out this link for a list of  team members who have moved on to bigger and brighter futures: Beyond the Glacier

    We are a non-profit organization. If you require any information for filing tax exemption claims or to confirm our 501c3 status, click on the IRS logo above.

    9U Players for Next Year

    Anyone interested in playing 9U for Glaciers next year should contact Jim Battaglia at 330-559-9355

    14U Players for Next Year

    Contact Ryan Rovnak at 330-718-5206 if interested in playing 14U for Glaciers next year

    13U Players for Next Year

    If interested in playing 13U for Glaciers next year, contact Lew Finsen at 330-719-2637

    12U Players for Next Year

    We will be having two 12U teams next year. Contact these coaches if interested in playing 12U next year.

    12U Strank:

    Matt Strank 330-831-5554 or Dave Harman 724-510-6535


    Bill Sloan 330-719-1662

    Looking for 10U Players for Next Year- Mike Sopko

    If you are interested in playing for one of our 10U teams next season, call Mike Sopko at 330-550-4801

    Glacier Apparel

    Show your support by purchasing your very own Ohio Glaciers gear! Contact Ryan Rovnak to purchase